The founding partners of Wordformula registered the MedPharmaSci® trademark as a means to showcase and market the highly specialized freelance translation and writing services they had been providing to clients all over the world.

The core concept that this brand conveys is specialization: formal education and professional experience are crucial to translate or write on certain topics, i.e. a pure linguistic background is not enough.

The brand gained traction quickly and the creation of a company became essencial; this necessity ultimately lead to the establishment of Wordformula Consulting in late 2015. MedPharmaSci® was incorporated by Wordformula Consulting and grew in number of team members, languages supported and services.

We have been helping small-to-big companies in their task of providing quality to highly technical mono and multilanguage contents. Our services particularly fulfill the needs of clients that operate in the area of life sciences.

Examples of key services provided:

  • Translation of summaries of product characteristics for big players in the pharmaceutical industry. Objective: approval of new drug products on various European countries;
  • Translation of clinical research protocols for clinical research organizations. Objective: provide accurate and error-free documentation to both clinical staff and patients;
  • Writing and translation of medical information and marketing documentation for field campaigns. Objective: provide sales/MSL staff with straight-to-the-point materials that naturally convey the strongest points of the products.

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