One of our main core activities is the translation, editing and subtitling of contents across a wide range of topics.

From the simple editing of corporate newsletters before their release, to the translation of sensitive contracts or the subtitling of TV shows: we do it all.

  • We have been helping clients all over the world in their aim to target a wider audience and boost their revenues by providing high-quality, fluent translations for their websites and their products.
  • We have been providing the means for our clients to establish new well-documented and legal-advised partnerships by providing accurate translations of contracts or merger studies.
  • We have been contributing to improve the experience of the general public on leisure time by providing subtitles for TV shows that are actually true to the conversations being undertaken by their favorite characters.

How we see the business

Every language has multiple «sublanguages» that contain particular terminology and concepts only known to those who are very familiar with the topic. Hence, according to our experience, «one-professional-for-every-task solutions» are never valid approaches. The key to render fluent translations and accurate texts is specialization: every professional has a few fields of expertise and should not perform tasks out of his/her comfort zone.

Additionally, in order to carry out linguistic tasks on some areas of knowledge, linguistic skills or language certifications are not enough: actual formal higher education and work experience on the topic is essencial. This is why we would never allocate the translation of a text about hardware architecture to a pure linguist with no engineering background. It just makes no sense! We make sure to select tailored teams for each project, which may require a number professionals specialized on different topics.

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